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Winner Irish Pubs Global Best Entertainment Experience (World)Winner 2017
Winner Irish Pubs Global Best Entertainment Experience (Ireland) Winner 2017
Irish Pub Best Venue SW 2017
Winner Pure M Best Venue Award 2017
Hotpress Readers award 2015 Best Venue
HOTPRESS Venue of the Year 2013 Special Commendation
IMRO 2013 Munster Winner

We would love to hear what you think of Dolans. Please let us know at info@dolans.ie Here are some of the things people say about us.

For more reviews you can view Dolan's on Google and tripadvisor.

"There are times in man's life when he fears a new experience which he knows will change him--an experience in which he will walk in the door one man and walk out another. Marriage, moving to a new place, leaving a job--no one goes through these unchanged. Other experiences welcome you. The pleasure and sublimity of the experience eases your fears. My experience at Dolan's has been both beautiful and terrifying, but the delicious bacon and cabbage, the refreshing beer, the glorious music, and the welcoming, endearing service of Richie and the other staff made me more than an American in another country. I belonged there-- so much so that I went to Dolan's four or five times in a week and purchased a t-shirt. In my time in Ireland, I saw medieval castles, great cliffs, and beautiful churches, but Dolan's is a real competitor for the best experience of my two week exploration of the island. Godspeed Dolan's".

Maximilian Marck, Illinois



Uploaded May 23rd

Uploaded May 23rd


Making Limerick Count

September 12th 2016

"I've discovered that the kind of un-commercialized cultural experiences fit to make a tourist wet themselves can be found right here in Limerick City if you know the right folk. My favorite so far is a pub in a less-than-savory side of downtown called Dolan's. It's a cozy, candlelit joint with a booth reserved for musicians who play a traditional Irish session every night. I was puzzled, though, when I saw them stop between each song to sip their beers and chat. When I commented on their unorganized set, a new friend of mine quickly pointed out that the Irish Session culture is not performance based. "They're not playing for us," he explained, "it's social time for them. The conversation between tunes in a session is as important as the tunes themselves." I was enchanted. Soon he pulled a tin whistle from nowhere and much to my surprise, sat and asked to play a tune. They recognized the reel and joined him, first the guitar, then the harmonizing fiddles and finally the flute. I wasn't sure if it was real, or if I'd been cast as an extra in a James Cameron movie. 
Dolan's is a delightful best-kept-secret sort of attraction."

Captain Sensible

August 26th 2016

Venues don't come much better than Dolans in Limerick.. cosy bar, class food, nice sounding live room - the Buzzcocks play here in a couple of weeks.. they're gonna love it.

I have to admit the Damned were debating our agents sanity when we pulled up outside a fairly nondescript docklands bar - but once inside you get it. The place is perfect, right down to the pubs cute little Shih Tzu doggy named Lulu.

My beret scarcity problem was solved by local music guru Eoin Devereux who persuaded a nice lady called Elaine to donate hers to the cause (many thanks!!) and after a superb set from Theme Tune Boy we rattled through the current setlist.. inc me new faves Stranger On The Town & 13th Floor Vendetta. No manic dancing from Monty tonight though as our keyboardist had managed to bust his belt somehow..

A wonderful evening which included my first taste of Guinness Dublin Porter too. Marvellous stuff!


 Lonely planet

Limerick's best spot for live music promises authentic trad sessions and an unbeatable gig list, as well as cutting-edge stand-ups in two adjoining venues.

Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/ireland/county-limerick/limerick-city/entertainment-nightlife/other/dolan-s#ixzz43inJvwjF Lonely planet



A lively waterfront spot, Dolan's has traditional Irish music every night, and dancing classes from September to May. Dolan's Warehouse, under the same management and in the same location, is a live-music venue with top national and international acts.

This is a popular venue for touring international rock bands, and a good place to see Irish bands as well. Everybody from Evan Dando to Kasabian has played here, and the eclectic line up is well worth checking out. There are actually three venues here -- Dolan's Pub and Restaurant, which has traditional Irish music by local or visiting bands every night; the Warehouse itself, where the big acts play; and a more intimate bar and performance space upstairs, imaginatively called Upstairs.

Read more: http://www.frommers.com/destinations/county-limerick/attractions/236124#ixzz43iuQWIsa


Dolans is the best little rock and roll venue in the world

- Tommy Tiernan

23rd Apr 2014


Reviewed 22 June 2015

Dolans is a magical place, a bastion of eclecticism. Three of the best gigs I was ever at were in Dolans; David Gray, Damien Dempsey, and Paddy Casey. The raucous You Tube Kings, The Rubberbandits call Dolans home. Literally anyone could be on the bill.

Donal Ryan Award winning author

Cara In-flight magazine

10th Apr 2014


The hopping Dolans Warehouse. It is a brilliant venue – as good as any in the country – which every month plays host to dozens of musicians, comedians and the odd travelling economist.

David McWilliams

David McWilliams Economist Broadcaster

16th Apr 2014


 But for real craic (fun), good Irish music and a pint of ­Guinness, the place to head in the evening is Dolan’s on Dock Road, owned by Valerie and Mick Dolan since 1994. They host traditional music in the bar every night and whoever turns up can play. Out the back there are two large live music venues for big names and bigger craic!

The Australian.com