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Can I use my phone instead of printing my ticket?


Yes, you can just show your ticket on your phone and we will scan the barcode at the venue. Please make sure you have your phone charged before coming, as we do need to actually see the barcode in order to give you entry to the event.


Can I have information about Gift Vouchers? 

Paper Gift Vouchers are available from Dolan’s Pub, 3 Dock Road, Limerick. However, please note these are only redeemable in Dolan’s Box Office and cannot be redeemed online.

Gift Vouchers must be redeemed within one year of purchase.

Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

Gift Vouchers may be exchanged for tickets in accordance with the instructions of Dolan’s and in accordance with Dolan’s standard terms and conditions and purchase policy.


What credit/debit cards do you accept? 

Dolan’s accepts Mastercard and Visa and Laser Cards.


Names on tickets 

I have bought a ticket for someone else but my name appears on the booking, will this affect the person attending the event?

For the majority of events the name appearing on the booking does not have to match the person attending the event.

The name on the booking will always be the person who paid for the ticket (cardholder name). If someone else wants to use the booking they can do so but will need to quote the name of the person who booked together with the booking reference number in order to gain entry to the show.


Can I have a refund or exchange on my tickets?

We regret that we cannot exchange, refund or transfer tickets unless the event in question has been cancelled or rescheduled. This is part of Dolan’s Purchase Policy customers agree to when purchasing tickets.


When is my card debited for a booking? 

Your card is charged when the booking is made. It can take between 3-5 working days for the charge to show on your statement.

Why did I receive an error message when I was trying to make a booking

We know it can be frustrating to receive an error message when you're in the midst of purchasing tickets-particularly when you're vying for popular tickets to hot events. We apologise for the inconvenience. Below we've explained possible causes for error messages and how to avoid this inconvenience in the future. 

Here are some explanations to common error messages, so any inconvenience will be avoided in your future purchases on dolans.ie 


Types of Error Messages

Cookies and Graphics

Your browser must be set to accept cookies and graphics in order for you to purchase tickets on dolans.ie. Make sure your computer is set to accept cookies and graphics before you try to make a purchase.

Proxy Servers

Some online service providers, such as AOL or Prodigy, use a device called a proxy server. Proxy servers save copies of sites on their server rather than connecting users to the Internet or the specific site requested. In most cases this works fine.
Using a proxy server might prevent you from purchasing tickets because you need to access our ticketing system directly. If you do not know if you are accessing the Internet through using a proxy server, contact your Internet service provider.
Please access dolans.ie through a direct Internet connection and not through any service using proxy servers.

Transaction No Longer Active

This error is caused by an interruption to the transaction process. During the ticket buying process, our computer or your computer lost access to our ticketing systems. Receiving this error means that your request did not make it to the ticketing system.
Please resubmit your ticket request and try again.

Too Much Time Has Elapsed Before We Received Your Information

This error is caused when the ticketing system releases your tickets because the transaction took too long. You only have five minutes to purchase tickets after dolans.ie shows you available tickets
A slow Internet connection may cause this error. You might try disconnecting and then reconnecting to your Internet provider to improve the speed.
Please resubmit your ticket request and complete your order within five minutes.


What time does my concert finish? 

Unfortunately, we cannot give an expected finish time for concerts because they hardly ever keep to schedule. On average, concerts usually end around 11pm/11.30pm - the best thing to do is ask the staff at the venue on arrival.


Why does Dolan’s enforce a time limit when making purchases online? 

When you are shopping for tickets, you are "holding" real tickets. No one else can purchase those tickets unless you release them. Due to high demand, we've implemented a time limit during the checkout process. Each checkout page is assigned a different time limit based on the type of information we need from you. If you exceed the posted time on the page, the tickets you are holding are released for others to purchase. You have about 5 minutes in total to complete your purchase. This gives as many people as possible a chance to purchase tickets


Will Dolan’s ever replace my Lost, Stolen or Damaged ticket? 

Dolan’s are not obliged to replace any Lost, Stolen or Damaged tickets but with further investigation there might be a possible solution however, replacement tickets are NOT always guaranteed...

Tickets should always be treated like cash. When you buy physical tickets from Dolan’s Box Office your tickets are irreplaceable. Keep them in a safe place, away from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. Be sure to store them where they can easily be found again. Tickets are printed on heat-sensitive paper. Any contact with higher temperatures will cause the ticket to darken or turn black, so please keep this in mind when storing. Do not attempt to laminate tickets.


How do I make a booking for more than 10 tickets? 

You can make a booking directly from dolans.ie for groups of 10 or more. If you would like more information on possible Group Discounts please contact us

What happens if I am late for the event? 

Latecomers may not be admitted until a suitable break, but admission cannot always be guaranteed. Thank you for your co-operation. 


What if the event is being Televised or Recorded? 

*Your ticket is issued on behalf of the Organisation responsible for the event and is subject to the following terms and conditions. *The event may be recorded live for use in the forum of sound recordings, television videotapes and other means of audio and audiovisual reproductions, now known to be invented. *The purchaser of the ticket consents to participate in the said recordings and grants all necessary consents for Performers Protection Act.


Can I bring a camera or video recorder to the event? 

*Before entering, all patrons will be subject to a search in a manner permissible under the law. In the interests of public safety where offensive materials are found, anyone refusing to consent to personal search will be denied entry. *The making of a recording of a performer’s performance without prior consent in writing is a criminal offence. The use of cameras or recording equipment is prohibited.


Conditions of Sale 

Buy your tickets from authorized sources only. Those seeking to gain admission using a counterfeit ticket will be prosecuted.

Tickets may not be resold for more than face value. 

Any tickets found to be for sale for higher than their face value can be cancelled at Dolans discretion without prior notification to the ticketholder.


Public Safety Information 

Dolans reserve the right to refuse admittance to the venues or any part of the venues or to remove any person or persons from the venues for reasons of public safety, overcrowding or otherwise as Dolans will have no liability for any damage or loss whether consequential or otherwise save that Dolans will refund to the owner of a valid ticket the face value of the ticket. Crowd surfing/moshing is not permitted. Offenders will be removed from the venue without refund.


Buying From Third Party Re-Sellers 

Dolans does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any third party reseller (such as brokers or individuals). 
Dolans recommends that you purchase tickets directly through Dolans or from the venue's box office.


Complimentary Tickets

Comps are issued on behalf of the promoter to specific people who are invited to the event as part of their guestlist.  If you have any queries regarding your comps please contact the appropriate promoter who issued the tickets.


Why does it say tickets are Currently Not Onsale? 

Tickets may not be on sale yet

Tickets may not be available at this time. More tickets may become available later

Tickets may not be available online just hours before an event occurs

On rare occasions, tickets may only be available at the box office or at the door on the night of the show


I have lost my credit/debit card, how can I gain entry to the show? 

You don’t need to produce your credit / debit card in order to gain entry to the show. You need to produce your reference number which you received at the time of booking


Why are there different prices on an event? 


On certain events there are group concession/discount rates whereby groups of people can book tickets for a show in a venue. For more information on concessions on your event please refer to our website.


Why do we request your address and or phone number? 

The information requested may be used for a variety of purposes related to the ticket purchase transaction. These purposes can vary by transaction, but include, for example, allowing us to: respond to customer service requests; review and enforce limits on the number of tickets purchased per event and to help prevent credit card fraud.


Why are there limits on how many tickets I can buy? 

The venue or artist/event management will sometimes impose a ticket limit per customer, credit card or address in order to provide ticket access to as many fans as possible. Ticket limits vary depending on the type of event or the anticipated demand for tickets. Check the event information area of the purchase page for more information on ticket limits for your event. Please adhere to published ticket limits. If we determine that a ticket limit has been exceeded, we may cancel an order, or part of an order, without notice. If you have exceeded the stated ticket limit and your order has been cancelled under no circumstances will it be reinstated. 


What do you mean by Billing Address? 

The "Billing Address" is the address where your card issuer sends your statements. We perform regular checks, matching the name and address with the credit card used, in order to lessen the chances of fraud to the customer and ourselves.


How do I make a complaint? 

Dolan’s,Limerick is committed to delivering the highest level of service to our customers both online and offline. Therefore, we are always keen to learn of any occasions where any aspect of our service has not met your expectations. Letting us know when you are unhappy with the service you experience gives us the opportunity to put matters right for you and to improve our service in the future for everybody.

If you wish to submit a complaint, please do so us via our Contact Us / Enquire tab above. This method of contact is the quickest way to receive a response.

Alternatively, please write to the following address:

Dolan’s Customer Services

3 Dock Road


Due to the nature of our business your enquiry may need further investigation with third parties such as promoters. Reliance on these third parties may add to the time in responding to your complaint. Some complaints can take up to 28 days to resolve but we assure you we will resolve your complaint as soon as possible.

Prior to submitting a complaint, please read the ticket terms and conditions as they may have special arrangements about refunds, exchanges, rights to cancel etc above and beyond the rights given to you by law.

In order for us to assist you more efficiently, please provide the following information with your complaint:

* Name of event, date and venue

* Booking reference/confirmation number

* Full name and address of the credit/debit card holder

* Contact telephone number

What are the Cancelled/Postponed Events Procedures? 

Occasionally, events are cancelled or rescheduled by the promoter, band or venue. Should this occur, we will endeavour to contact you either by phone, e-mail, SMS or letter with the contact details you provide at the time of booking. To gain a refund on tickets for a cancelled or rescheduled event, tickets must be returned to the point of purchase. 

Dolan’s only offers refunds and/or exchanges based on the individual event. In order to receive a refund or an exchange that may be offered, you will have to comply with the promoter's, team's or venue's instructions or deadlines, which, along with the decision about whether or not to issue a refund or an exchange, may be at the promoter's or venue's discretion. 

If a refund is issued, it will be issued using the same method of payment that was used to purchase the tickets. If a credit card was used to make the refunded purchase, then only that actual credit card will receive the credit for the refund. 

If an event is cancelled, please Contact us for information on receiving a refund. If the event was moved or rescheduled, the venue or promoter may set refund limitations. Contact us for exact instructions.

Please make sure to include/provide your reference number so we can expedite your refund if applicable.


Can I correct my order details? 

Once you've received a confirmation number for your order, the information you have submitted will be processed as you typed it on the order form or as it existed in your My Account billing information. If you realize an error has been made or need to make a change for any reason, please contact Dolans immediately. 
Note: Be prepared with the confirmation number from your order and the billing information used when the order was placed.


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