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Bad Reputation Birthday - King Witch / HYOM / Shardborne & more

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Bad Reputation - 12th Birthday Party
King Witch (Scotland)
Hundred Year Old Man (England)
A Burial at Sea (England)
Hope is Noise
Slung From A Tree
DOLANS WAREHOUSE, Dock Rd., Limerick
August Bank Holiday Sunday - 04/08/19
Doors: 8pm

18+ event - R.O.A.R

  • Please note all ticket prices include a booking charge.

  • No exchanges or refunds.

  • Over 18s only (unless advertised to the contrary)

  • On street parking

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Memoriam / Ten Ton Slug / Zealot Cult presented by Bad Reputation Ireland

Tickets are €18 plus booking fee-strictly over 18’s.  On Sale Monday 20th of May

Tickets are €18 plus booking fee-strictly over 18’s.

On Sale Monday 20th of May

Bad Reputation presents:
The mighty Memoriam UK come to Ireland for the first time this September. Coming to Dolan's Warehouse Limerick on Saturday 7th October. Joining them are Ten Ton Slug and Zealot Cult.

New Memorial album 'Requiem For Mankind' out June 21st!

MEMORIAM was primarily developed to fill the void that was left following the tragic death of Martin "Kiddie" Kearns, the drummer from BOLT THROWER, back in September 2015.

BOLT THROWER subsequently placed all activity on hold for the foreseeable future which gave Karl Willetts an opportunity to develop a new project with friends that had expressed interest in forming a band for some time.

MEMORIAM are an old-school death metal band, maintaining the high standards set by their previous bands, focusing on the themes of death, loss and war. Initially the band members got together to play covers of songs that had influenced them throughout their careers within the death metal scene, however it soon became apparent that the new songs that they created were of a superior standard.

The band has a full album of material scheduled for recording during the spring of 2017, titled »For The Fallen«. But before their label debut is released, a brand-new EP will shorten the wait for all death metal fans. The EP called »The Hellfire Demos II«, out on January 2017, will contain two demo versions of new tracks from this Old School death metal machine and taking the same line as BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION.

As the year ticked on beyond the album’s release it became ever more apparent that the band was nowhere near taking a breather, and after several successful shows including Wacken Open Air, Graspop Open Air and Roadburn Festival they once again knuckled down to writing new material. This work has now been collected into eight merciless tracks in the form of a new work titled »The Silent Vigil«. The second album is less affected by sadness compared to its precursor, and their aggressiveness has increased manifold. »The Silent Vigil« exudes their inimitable old school flair once again and has not abandoned their merciless groove for even one split second.

  •   Please note all ticket prices include a booking charge.

  •   No exchanges or refunds.

  •   Over 18s only (unless advertised to the contrary)

  •   On street parking.

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Bad Reputation presents: Bloodshot Dawn/ The Crawling / Becomes Astral

Tickets €10 with Booking Fee-Strictly over 18’s  On sale Wednesday May 8th

Tickets €10 with Booking Fee-Strictly over 18’s

On sale Wednesday May 8th

First formed in 2003, Bloodshot Dawn have evolved from a straight forward, groove orientated death metal band into a technically ferocious extreme metal outfit. Hailed by Terrorizer as a band that delivers “blistering live shows”, Bloodshot Dawn have become a household name in the UK underground.

In 2007 Bloodshot Dawn recorded and released their first effort in the form of “Coalition Of Terror”, a two track EP that received positive feedback both critically and around their local metal scene. The band then went on to win the 2009 “Metal To The Masses” competition, playing at Bloodstock Open Air Festival with the likes of influential bands such as Carcass, Arch Enemy and Kreator.

The band's current line up was solidified in late 2009 and they began preparing material for their follow up to “Coalition Of Terror”. This came in the form of the “Slaves To The Lie” EP, released in February 2011. This EP was self-financed and made available worldwide via all major online distribution websites. Bloodshot Dawn supported the release with tour dates in the UK, including gigs with Vader, Krisiun, and Cerebral Bore.

In September 2011, Bloodshot Dawn entered 16th Cellar Studios in Rome (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance), to record their debut full-length release. The self-titled album has seen Bloodshot Dawn's writing style mature noticeably, becoming more intense and technical, while increasingly melodic and accessible. This unique writing sensibility, coupled with fierce production from Stefano Morabito, has resulted in an album that has seen Bloodshot Dawn claimed by many as one of the UK's fiercest Metal bands.

The Crawling was born following a few failed attempts at getting a couple of ageing metal heads into the same room to play some death metal. Finally, towards the close of 2014, the band settled on a solid line up.

The music created is a result of a trio of music fans that have enjoyed, and participated, in the local music scene for decades. Creator Stuart hailed from 90's death metal legends Severance, Andy fronted Honey For Christ for 14 years, and Gary Beattie is still blasting for Zombified.

The collaboration has resulted in a heavy, slow-death ensemble, forged against a back drop of misery and contempt for the world that surrounds us.

"There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy."

Becomes Astral is a progressive death metal band based out of Guelph, Ontario. Formed in the later months of 2013, they quickly got to work on releasing their debut EP, The Mind, which was released in October 2014. The Mind was recorded and mixed by Don Levasseur at Atlantic Studio. After their debut release, Becomes Astral toured heavily for the following year, covering west coast Canada, and two Ontario and Quebec tours. Playing steadily since, Becomes Astral has made themselves a force to be reckoned with, allowing the band to sell out half of their last tour in Ontario. In early 2016, Becomes Astral took a break from playing live to write a full-length record, and returned to shows in late 2016. In December 2016 the band entered The Grid Studios in Montreal, QC with Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy as a producer and came out with a piece of music they are proud to call their own, Paleblood Sky. 

  • Please note all ticket prices include a booking charge.

  • No exchanges or refunds.

  • Over 18s only (unless advertised to the contrary)

  • On street parking

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Siege Of Limerick - Samhain 2019 - 27th October 2019

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Doors:12.30pm - 3 Stages - 1 Day - Free Admission* +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ *R.O.A.R

Doors:12.30pm - 3 Stages - 1 Day - Free Admission*

Bad Reputation IRL presents:

Siege of Limerick - Samhain 2019
Bank Holiday Sunday 27th October 2019
Dolans Pub, Limerick, Ireland

Announcement 1:
Tribulation (Official) (HEADLINER, SWE- Irish Exclusive)
Coltsblood (ENG- Irish Exclusive)

Announcement 2
Dictated (NL)
Everest Queen (ENG)
Words That Burn

Announcement 3
Minus Ten Thousand Hours
Organ Blender

Announcement 4
Ritual King
Stone Sea
Psykosis Thrash Metal
Arjuna's Eye
Rouen IRE
Rosco's Riot

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