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Click here for full specs & floor plan - PDF 


8.5 M X 5.2 M x 1.1M 

5.8 M inside PA

House cabinets:
4x Electrovoice T252 mid-high (2 X 15" / 1 X 2")
4x Electrovoice DeltaMax DML 2181 sub-bass (2 X 18")

House amps:
2 x MC2 E45
2x MC2 E 25
1 x MC2 E15

FOH console/control/fx
Soundcraft MH2 48.8.2 
XTA 226 Digital speaker management system
Klark Teknik DN360 30-band graphic eq
3x Behringer Dual channel Intelligate
3x DBX 266XL Dual compressor

Roland Dep-3 digital reverb
Roland SRV 3030
Lexicon MPX500
Yamaha MPX100
CD deck provided
DVD/Video players with Sanyo projector and large Cinema Screen

Integrated Stage Monitor System:

(choice of 4-way from FOH or 7-way on stage)
Soundcraft K3 Theatre 32.8.2
2 mixes Rane 30-band eq
Dynacord Amps
5 x EAW SM400 (12x2” / 2”) 

4 x EAW SM500 (15"/2")
1x  EAW LA Drumfill (15"x 2 / 6.5"x 2 / 2")

Microphones by Shure, AKG, A/T and Audix
Active and passive DI boxes

Lighting System

22 x Par 64 (500w)
12-way racks
misc. blinders / strobes / fogger etc.

1x Zero 88 Fat Frog DMX 512

2 Robe Variled

Dolan's Upstairs

Click here for upstairs full specs - PDF

MidasVenice 240 24/4/2 (20 mic inputs)


Seeburg Acoustic Line TSM15 full-range (15” & 2”) & B1801 sub (18”)

Seeburg Acoustic Line A4 (10” & 1”) 6 wedges / 4 mixes

3Kw mains + monitors & delays

Mains EQ                                                                                                                     

BSS Opal FCS 966

Monitor & Delay EQ:                                                                                  

Yamaha YDP 2006 dual digital parametric eq x 3

Drawmer DL221 dual compressor                                                   

Focusrite Compounder dual Gate / Expander / Compressor / Limiter   

TC Electronics M-One XL dual-engine multi fx                                        

HHB 'Burn-It' CD recorder/player

Audix D1, D2, D4, OM-6 & UEM81-c as standard, others available

Belden 27-pr mic multi                                                                              

FSJ 12-pr returns & tie-line multi

Recording & Broadcast:

Mackie HDR24/96 24tk digital recording & editing

Focusrite & TLA mic-pre's (advance booking & deposit required) additional equipment & facilities available for hire locally


An extensive range of consoles, DAT and multi-track HDD recorders, outboard equipment as well as stage risers and supplementary lighting are available locally at extra cost

Contact Seán for details