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Dolans - unofficial Fanzone for Polish community during World Cup 2018

Ireland may not be involved this year, but across Limerick we are seeing football fever take its grip on the city as our city’s diverse culture’s share their national pride.

Here at Dolan’s we are delighted to have the title of Limerick’s unofficial Polish Fans Zone over the course of this year’s World Cup Finals.


We invite all our Limerick Polish Community and their Limerick-born friends to join us at Dolan's Warehouse where we are showing all Polish games on our unique cinema screen.

A superb selection of Polish beers is available for purchase at our bar in the warehouse with free finger food served at half-time during all games.

We wish the Polish team all the very best in this year’s finals and look forward to welcoming you all at Dolans.


Polish World Cup Timetable 2018:

1. 19th June (Tuesday) at 4pm
Poland – Senegal

2. 24th June (Sunday) at 7pm
Poland – Columbia

3. 28th June (Thursday) at 3pm
Poland - Japan