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Touts and Special Guests Inhaler

  • Kasbah Social Club 3-5 Dock Road Limerick Ireland (map)
Tickets €9

Tickets €9

TOUTS a three piece teenage punk band from Derry, Northern Ireland. The unhinged, angry and visceral teens are Matthew Crossan, Jason Feenan & Luke McLaughlin. " A singer that can't sing , A mod that can't play bass & a drummer that can't see”.

The toils and tribulations of small town life is a path well trodden, but not in the way Touts do it, they’ve dug the path up and set fire to the rubble. Inspired by dodgy politicians, shitty school life and the sort of weekend politics that fries any teenage brain. This results in a set of incendiary two minute sub culture anthems. “ TOUTS WILL BE SHOT” an all to familiar slogan on the walls of Northern Irelands which preached fear in the hearts of community’s has now been reclaimed by three teenagers. Inspired in some ways by their predecessors on the 40th anniversary from punk’s day dot. They’ve harnessed Stiff Little Fingers Jake Burns infamous lyric about an ‘Alternative Ulster’ with a modern interpretation, one that shoots fire at anything that stands in its way be it political or not.

The band’s live reputation in Northern Ireland has spread like wild fire and has seen them sell out venues to masses of kids throughout the province without releasing any music. There’s a revolution on the dance floor and on the street and they will be chorused by the debut singles ‘Sold Out’ and ‘Political People’ from Touts.

The year the band are set to release their forthcoming debut EP through their new label Hometown Records, previous home to the likes of Ratboy, Rejjie Snow, Yonaka and many more.

The kids are pissed off and angry. Touts may well be the band that them and 2019 need.

Dublin rock band Inhaler have released their new single ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ which is out now. Available to stream from: https://ffm.to/inhaleriwablt

Hailing from Dublin, Inhaler are a four-piece band who met whilst they were still at school.

They quickly realized their love of dirty bass lines, pounding rhythms and infectious melodies infused with psychedelic soundscapes far outweighed their interest for Pythagoras’s theorem, e=mc², The Merchant Of Venice and Ulysses.

Their future would be defined by the mystery, magic and unknown pleasures contained within the grooves of their parents’ vinyl collections rather than the pages of any torn and tattered textbook

They each chose their weapons, with Robert Keating on Bass, Ryan McMahon on Drums, Josh Jenkinson on Lead and Elijah Hewson on Vocals and Rhythm.

Their first studio single is out now, available to stream from: https://ffm.to/inhaleriwablt.

“It Won’t Always Be Like This”

… It Most Definitely Won’t

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  •   Over 18s only (unless advertised to the contrary)

  •   On street parking.