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Anna's Anchor - Everybody's Welcome

everybodys welcome.jpg

Marty Ryan is back with his latest Anna’s Anchor opus which he launches in Dolan’s this Friday, find out what we think of it.

Ever since his early musical forays with his previous band Going 90 Marty Ryan has been ever present on the Limerick scene, delivering his own particular blend of ever maturing emo rock but also nurturing many emerging talents with his involvement in the Thomond Sessions & DIY LK.

‘Everyone’s Welcome’ is his third album release as Anna’s Anchor and is easily his most personal and accomplished collection of songs to date. The record was recorded and written in an isolated cottage in Castletown Bere, West Cork with Mike Gavin (from Windings) co-producing the album, additional percussion by rising DIY-superstar-producer Bob Cooper in Leeds, with mixing carried out by John Goodmanson from Seattle who’s worked with the likes of Death Cab for Cutie and Soundgarden amongst others.

It’s an approach that works brilliantly and has resulted in a top quality record which is massive leap forward on all levels for Anna’s Anchor, building on those fine previous releases.

Album opener Executive Summary is a subtle beginning to proceedings which sees the first appearance of Clare O’Brien (from Randolf and the Crokers) on backing vocals on a track that erupts with a crescendo of a finale promising that “you’ll be happy with moments of happiness”.

8 Hours in Stansted was literally written in the airport during a testing long layover with the result proving to be a fruitful use of Ryan’s time really kicking the album into high gear with oodles of energy which will have you yearning for a moshpit.

The ominous opening chords of White Washed Corridor hint at what’s to come, it’s a song that sees Ryan addressing a subject all too prevalent in Ireland society - alcoholism in the family, the impact of coming to terms with that and dealing with the resultant personal fallout. It’s a deeply effective track that will resonate with many.

Vibrant rocker Precautionary is a real standout, benefiting again from the accompanying vocals of O’Brien for the anthemic chorus. It’s got real crowd pleaser potential with a driven finale that satisfies completely.

Johnny Cash Was a Punk was written after a visit to the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, it’s a beautiful layered tracked reflecting on a heavy schedule of touring experience and all that entails.

Summer Camp is an excellent upbeat track that is hugely infectious and is another track that really desires to be experienced live.

The album concludes with a pair of more melancholic tracks - the luxurious slow build of For The Parish which leads to an epic anthem and the sparsely low-fi Appendix ABC bring the album to a hugely satisfying conclusion.

On his third album Ryan has recorded a classy album that perfectly marries his passions and musical talent whilst wrestling with his personal demons and frustrations. With ‘Everybody’s Welcome’ he has provided the listener with a varied collection of songs that rewards repeated listens and demand to be heard live.

Anna’s Anchor play the Kasbah Social Club this Friday, September 29th with Chewing Tin Foil and King Pallas, get your tickets now.