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The Evolution of Le Galaxie


Le Galaxie make a return to Dolans for what is sure to be an energy sapping night in the Warehouse. Ahead of that we decided to chart their musical progression since they first hit us with their wonderful brand of dance music.

‘We Bleed The Blood Of Androids’ and ‘You Feel The Fire!’ were our first introduction to Le Galaxie and what an introduction it was especially with the latter track’s award winning video & anthemic climax.

Of course they delivered on that early promise with their debut album ‘Laserdisc Nights II’ which is the album Vangelis might have produced had he discovered dance music. It’s epic and pulsating all the way through, a brilliant debut.

At this point Le Galaxie had firmly established themselves as THE must-see live act on the Irish music scene and a firm festival favourite was ‘Love System’ their sublime collaboration with Elaine Mai which is taken from the ‘Fade 2 Forever’ EP.

2015 saw them on a major label and releasing ‘Le Club’ an album that had plenty of studio polish and entrancing beats with ‘Humanise’ the standout track.

And so to this year which saw the official addition of May Kay to the group after her splendid contribution on the track ‘Carmen’ on the previous album and many live appearances. We also got the third Le Galaxie album from which they’ve just released the double A-side ‘L.I.E./Women in Love’ but the highlight from ‘Pleasure’ is definitely ‘Day of the Child’.

Le Galaxie play a late show in the Warehouse this Friday night and there are limited tickets still available for what will be a night of non-stop pulsating dance-action.