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Emma Langford - Quiet Giant


Emma Langford is a Limerick chanteuse who released her debut EP last year and now with ‘Quiet Giant’ she has delivered a highly polished debut album that builds on the promise she showed with that earlier release.

The first thing that grabs you about Langford is her voice which oozes class, it’s steeped in the traditions of some of the classic female singer-songwriters but with a contemporary sensibility and confidence all of her own. And the same could be said about the backing she receives throughout the record with gorgeous strings, stirring piano and measured percussion particularly to the fore on tracks such as the title track ‘Quiet Giant’, the sublime ‘Bear This Child’ and the upbeat ‘6 Foot 4’.

There are four tracks that have featured on previous releases but they have received the full makeover treatment by producers Graham Murphy & Chris O’Brien which brings them to an altogether different level. Here ‘Closed Book’ is bursting with emotional urgency, ‘All You Want’ shines ever brighter and the melancholy of ‘The Seduction of Eve’ is mined even deeper to impressive effect.

Much like Maria Doyle Kennedy’s album which I have also been listening to this week, Langford provides two powerful tracks to close out her album. ’The Belle and Ruin’ is a dramatic narrative exploring love and heartbreak, set to a moody atmospheric soundtrack.

Uniquely enough it is closing track (the previously released) ‘Tug O’ War’ which provides the album highlight for this listener, it is a real triumph and it’s brilliant to see the development of the song from it’s initial inception as a rough spur-of-the-moment bedroom demo on YouTube to what amounts to an outstanding soulful showstopper in this latest incarnation.

With ‘Quiet Giant’ Emma Langford has produced an impressive debut album that pays its dues to her musical influences while imbuing each fine composition with her own modern day take on the world and her place in it.

'Quiet Giant' is released on October 18th and is available for pre-order now via https://emmalangfordmusic.bandcamp.com and we are delighted to welcome back Emma to Dolans on December 2nd when she will play a full band show in the Warehouse, get your tickets now.