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Percolator & Casavettes live at the Kasbah Social Club

Having spent a decent amount of time with Percolator’s debut album ‘Sestra’ over the past few weeks (the review of which you can read here) expectations were high heading into Dolans last Saturday.

Also on the bill were local band Casavettes who I finally got to see live and despite being down a member on the night they did not lack impact. Recent double releases ‘Reunion’ & ‘In April’ were both given an airing and worked very well, particularly the former.  But it was the next single on the Casavettes schedule ‘Falling’ that really made my ears pick up and I’ve not doubt I’ll be giving it a few spins on 8radio.com once it’s released.

Main act Percolator are a band that have been in existence for over seven years but have been through a number of line-up changes before settling on the current three members Ian Chestnutt (guitar & vocals), Eleanor Myler (drums & vocals), and John ‘Spud’ Murphy (bass & keys) since 2012. They are a well balanced trio and it was clear to see that the current incarnation works as well in the live arena as they do on record.

The influences on Percolator’s sound are obvious however they use the various ingredients used here-to-fore by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Kraftwork, Holy F**k and Television to delicious effect to produce a sound all of their own.

The danger with bands that produce work that is this sonically dynamic & multifarious is that live the subtly of the recorded mix can be lost in a haze of noise however there was no sign of that in the Kasbah where the band were clearly in rhythmic sync. Their distinct contributions combined to brilliant effect, with Murphy double jobbing and even sometimes triple jobbing alongside the cultured influence of Chestnutt, but it was the drive of Myler from behind her drums that set the tone for proceedings tying things together with almost effortless focus.

Highlights from the set were 'Law & Order’, ’Crab Supernova’ and album closer ‘Binkle’ which sounded every bit as epic as it does on ‘Sestra’. If the amount of nodding heads are a good indication of audience appreciation then Percolator were certainly sent on their way with good vibrations from all in the Kasbah.