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Percolator - Sestra

Percolator are a 3 piece band from Dublin featuring Ian Chestnutt (guitar& vocals), Eleanor Myler (drums & vocals), and John ‘Spud’ Murphy (bass). Opening with a wall of sound that My Bloody Valentine would be proud of Percolator kick off their debut album 'Sestra' with a deafening instrumental that is quite the bold move.

Next track up is ‘Squishy Future’ which is a German electro/feedback melange that is completely mesmerising with Myler supplying some ethereal vocals to the mix before the track descends in to an industrial cacophony. 

'Law & Order' is the track that really got me interested in Percolator and has an excellent indie intro that grabs your attention immediately before the distorted vocals of Chestnutt kick in as the band really let loose, clearly enjoying an almost reverential jam.

‘Kim Chi’ is a perfect wurlitzer of a track that drags you one then another, whilst ‘Crab Supernova’ the latest single builds on what’s gone before to tremendous effect.

After all the buzz of the fare so far ‘Yellow Fire’ (one of the oldest tracks on the album) is a welcome change of tone, a perfect piece of shoegazing indie pop goodness followed up by the equally sublime ‘Usen’t We’ - both tracks utilising Meyler's atmospheric vocals perfectly.

The album closes with ‘Binkle’ an almost 12 minute long sonic epic that probably overstays its welcome just a little, but is certainly an ambitious way to bring an end to proceedings.

All in all 'Sestra' is an album that showcases a band that has all the neccessary elements and certainly knows hows to combine them to supreme effect. Percolator may wear their influences on their sleeves but they sure do wear them well.

Percolator play the Kasbah Social Club this Saturday night with support from local band Casavettes.