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Lofty's Top 20 Irish Albums of the Year

Lofty's Top 20 Albums.jpg

It's been another strong year for Irish music and there have been many fine albums released in the past twelve months. In fact nearly 200 of them, the entire list which can be viewed here.

So trying to whittle all of those releases down to a list of a mere 20 albums was a tough but hugely enjoyable challenge.

Some of the acts that feature in my Top 20 have been visitors to Dolans in the past year and hopefully many more will perform here in 2018, in fact Talos will be here next Wednesday (a gig moved to the Warehouse due to demand).

And of course we do have just a little local bias so it was great to have two Limerick talents feature in the Top 20. Emma Langford who launched her powerful debut 'Quiet Giant' a few weeks ago with a fantastic gig in the Warehouse. Also included is Laura Mulcahy whose album 'Funeral, Home, Lizard...' is one of the most delightfully eclectic Irish albums released this year.

You can see the full list is below but why not just press play and enjoy some wonderful Irish music.

  1. Jiggy - Translate
  2. Talos - Wild Alee
  3. Columbia Mills - A Safe Distance to Watch
  4. Come on Live Long - In The Still
  5. Frankenstein Bolts - Aglow & Spark
  6. Emma Langford - Quiet Giant
  7. Percolator - Sestra
  8. Ailie Blunnie - West to the Evening Sun
  9. Sea Pinks - Watercourse
  10. Fangclub - Fangclub
  11. Ships - Precession
  12. Laura Mulcahy - Funeral, Home, Lizard...
  13. Joe Chester - The Easter Vigil - Live at the Unitarian Church
  14. Marlene Enright - Placemats & Second Cuts
  15. Cormac O Caoimh - shiny silvery things
  16. Will de Burca - Embedded
  17. Maria Doyle Kennedy - Maria Doyle Kennedy
  18. Malojian - Let Your Weirdness Carry You Home
  19. Eoin Dolan - Ubique
  20. Winter Aid - The Murmer of the Land