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Sounds from a Green World Limerick2020 Special

In the coming weeks Limerick will be reaching a crucial juncture in our bid to become the European Capital of Culture for 2020, the evaluation panel will be in town in early July and ahead of that we thought it timely to bring you a Sounds from a Green World Limerick Special.

The biggest challenge in pulling this programme together was who to include and who to leave out given the huge amount of fantastic musical talent in this town. So in 90 minutes we've done our best to give as best a representation as possible of the wide range of different music being produced currently with a nod or two to our musical heritage thrown in for good measure.

So crank up your speakers and get ready to enjoy the musical sound of a city on the rise.

Each week Sounds from a Green World is available for the reader's of the Dolans music blog and if you like great music then download the 8radio.com apps for iOS for Android devices or visit 8radio.com to find out all the ways to listen to the station that plays the "Music We Like" and we think you'll like too.