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Emma Langford EP Launch

Emma Langford has been a stalwart of the Limerick music scene appearing in many places and in many guises but it has taken till now for her to release her debut EP (which we’ve reviewed here) and what better place to launch it than Upstairs in Dolan’s.

Support on the night is provided by the talented Niall St. James who is putting the finishing touches to his own debut EP. St. James proves to be the perfect support act with songs full of honesty, heartache and positivity delivered perfectly. He is accompanied on the night by the accomplished duo of Julia Cramer and Tyler Johnson who provide some beautiful harmonies and subtle but effective guitar work. A good start to the night’s proceedings and certainly leaves you interested as to what will come from their studio work particularly upcoming single “Fell For You”.

And so to the reason while we are all here as Emma Langford and her band for the night take to the stage in front of a hushed but expectant audience. Immediately we are treated to two tracks from the EP “I Am Not Yours” and “All You Want” that instantly captivates those in attendance. 

Langford’s voice is sublime and effortlessly mesmerising as she moves through her repertoire, and she is ably supported by a band only playing together for the first time. However she has chosen her wingmen well with Tadhg on fiddle, Alec on bass and Ray on drums sounding like they’ve been working with Langford for years.

And its not only the music that is enticing but also the repartee, as Langford proves to be an engaging raconteur - which is a good job as “Closed Book” from her EP is a riposte to bands that don't engage with their fans. These interludes are highly entertaining, giving us insight into her music without sounding too earnest and providing plenty of amusing asides too.

For a lady who is releasing her debut EP the setlist is longer than what you would expect and quite varied, with songs about a old crush she had when she was 14, one about dealing with a friend’s depression and a love song concerning a bell that was dumped in a lake. Highlights on a night where there are no bum notes are “Sandman” with some haunting vocal effects, the aforementioned “Closed Book” and “Goodbye Hawaii” with Langford’s mouth trumpeting amusing and amazing the entertained crowd.

“Tug O’ War” is the song that brings the night to a fitting close as the audience join Langford in perfect unison on the chorus of the song that inspired her to take the journey that has brought her to this night. We look forward to seeing what awaits on the next stage of her musical journey.

Emma Langford’s debut EP is now available via https://emmalangfordmusic.bandcamp.com 

Photo Credit : DOD Photography