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Primal Scream - Live at the Big Top

The conversion of Limerick’s Milk Market to an outdoor venue fit for acts that draw bigger crowds than can be accommodated elsewhere in the city has been a massive success, and the latest visitors to this unique concert location are legends of the indie music scene Primal Scream.

Led by their enigmatic front man Bobby Gillespie there is no holding back as right from the off they immediately launch into ‘Movin’ on Up’ which is the perfect way to warm up those that have braved the chilly November evening.

The set is nice mix of hits, hardcore fan favourites and of course a number of tunes from their recent album release ‘Chaosmosis’ which is being promoted with this tour.

Throughout Gillespie is a compelling presence as the rest of the band do what they do well almost in the background (it’s a long time since Gillespie has had to share front of stage with the mugging Mani). The Scottish frontman has a well earned reputation as a temperamental figure (maybe less so in recent years) and here there is always an undercurrent suggesting that he is expecting more from the assembled throng.

Interestingly for me it was some of the newer material that seemed more exciting on the night with ‘(Feeling Like A) Demon Again’, ‘100% or Nothing’ and ‘Trippin’ on Your Love’ that sees the band in full on attack mode, which is carried on with the menacing monster that is ‘Swastika Eyes’ from their underrated ‘XTRMNTR’ album.

Of course for most of the crowd it’s the better known tunes that get them moving with ‘Country Girl’, ‘Rocks’ and ‘Loaded’ providing those familiar feel good moments. And whilst the canned backing singing for those songs does take one slightly out of the moment at times it doesn’t take away from those classic indie hits.

The highlight of the evening is the glorious moment of celebration that is ‘Come Together’ that sees the Big Top audience and headline act in choral unison which warms the hearts before we head off in search of something to warm our fingers and toes.

Photo Credit - Munster Business Media Services