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Sounds from a Green World - Episode 1631

After a slight hiatus, the Sounds from a Green World podcast is back and is now available for your ears to bathe in. This time out we have brand new music from local heroes Parliament Square and whenyoung. And speaking of local heroes we've more tracks from windings whose brilliant album 'Be Honest & Fear Not' was our Album of the Month for October along with music from Dundalk troubadour who played a superb set in support of windings for their album launch in Dolans recently.

Of course we have plenty of great music from further afield with new releases from Katie Kim, Super Hyper Giant, Bantum and recent visitor to Dolans, Marc O'Reilly. So strap yourself in and enjoy 90 minutes of the very best in new Irish music.

Sounds from a Green World is available for the readers of the Dolans music blog and if you like great music then download the 8radio.com apps for iOS for Android devices or visit 8radio.com to find out all the ways to listen to the station that plays the "Music We Like" and we think you'll like too.