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Happy Days - The Dolans Story


We thought it timely given the honour that was bestowed upon Mick & Val on behalf of the people of Limerick this week that we give you another chance to hear the story of how the Dolans that you know and love came into being.

Hear from a whole cast of characters including the Dolans themselves on the history of the venue, why two Dubs ended up in Limerick and of course what Dolans means to the people who play there and those who frequent it regularly.

With contributions & music from Blindboy Boatclub, Jerry Fish, Cathy Davey, Siobhan O'Brien, Eoin Devereaux, Ann Blake and loads more, 'Happy Days' is a must listen for those who have ever stepped through the front door.

Sounds from a Green World


The latest episode of Sounds from a Green Word is just bursting with audio goodness as we preview what is sure to be one of the musical highlights of the year - the I Heart The Cranberries charity concert in aid of Adapt House and Limerick Mental Health which sold out the Warehouse in record time, we feature a couple of the acts from the night along with a tune from Dolores and the gang as well.

We also continue our 'Evolution of an Artist' feature which this week focuses on Jerry Fish and his various incarnations ahead of his gig upstairs this Friday.

We've more tracks from our Album of the Month for March - 'The Two Worlds' by Brigid Mae Power, we say well done to Ships for winning the Choice Music Prize with their album 'Precession' named Best Album of 2017 and we've loads of great Irish music from Train Room, Marc O'Reilly, Roisin El Cherif and many more.

So tune in and check out for the next 90 minutes.

Sounds from a Green World sponsored by Dolans is broadcast live on 8radio.com every Saturday from 8am and on Wednesday night from 9pm. Download the 8radio.com app from @AppStore or @GooglePlay and that way you’ll have deadly tunes on tap! You can also listen via Windows phones, games consoles & smart TVs via the @tunein app.

International Women's Day - Sounds from a Green World Special


Over the years we've had the privilege of welcoming a host of fantastic female musical talent to Dolans therefore we feel it's important to mark International Women's Day by celebrating just some of the talented ladies making music in Ireland today.

It was an almost impossible task to choose the 22 tracks featured but you can only fit so much music into 90 minutes. However we do feature Ailbhe Reddy, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Loah, Cathy Davey, SOAK and Maria Kelly just to mention a few. And of course there had to be a local focus with PowPig, whenyoung and Emma Langford getting things of to a rip-roaring Shannonside start.

And of course we'll be having our own celebration of female musical talent whilst remembering the sadly departed Dolores O'Riordan when we host the I Heart The Cranberries charity concert in aid of Adapt House and Limerick Mental Health on July 5th - tickets for which go on sale here in the morning.

For now though, grab a cuppa and sit back and enjoy the ladies and sounds from a green world.




Lofty's Fave 45


It's the first day of 2018 so the perfect time for a look back and listen to my favourite Irish tracks from the past 12 months.

The 45 tracks feature plenty of acts that have visited Dolans in the past year including Fontaines, Fangclub, Ham Sandwich, Columbia Mills, and Lankum. I'm sure we'll see many more visit in the coming year too.

Of course there is plenty of local representation on the list too, with tunes from Emma Langford, new sensations Pow Pig, Rusangano Family and Outsider who managed to get his track 'Miol Mor Mara' featured on the FIFA18 video game soundtrack.

So sit back and enjoy 3 hours of the finest music in the land.

Sounds from a Green World sponsored by Dolans is broadcast live on 8radio.com every Saturday from 8am and on Wednesday night from 9pm. Download the 8radio.com app from @AppStore or @GooglePlay and that way you’ll have deadly tunes on tap! You can also listen via Windows phones, games consoles & smart TVs via the @tunein app.

Lofty's Top 20 Irish Albums of the Year

Lofty's Top 20 Albums.jpg

It's been another strong year for Irish music and there have been many fine albums released in the past twelve months. In fact nearly 200 of them, the entire list which can be viewed here.

So trying to whittle all of those releases down to a list of a mere 20 albums was a tough but hugely enjoyable challenge.

Some of the acts that feature in my Top 20 have been visitors to Dolans in the past year and hopefully many more will perform here in 2018, in fact Talos will be here next Wednesday (a gig moved to the Warehouse due to demand).

And of course we do have just a little local bias so it was great to have two Limerick talents feature in the Top 20. Emma Langford who launched her powerful debut 'Quiet Giant' a few weeks ago with a fantastic gig in the Warehouse. Also included is Laura Mulcahy whose album 'Funeral, Home, Lizard...' is one of the most delightfully eclectic Irish albums released this year.

You can see the full list is below but why not just press play and enjoy some wonderful Irish music.

  1. Jiggy - Translate
  2. Talos - Wild Alee
  3. Columbia Mills - A Safe Distance to Watch
  4. Come on Live Long - In The Still
  5. Frankenstein Bolts - Aglow & Spark
  6. Emma Langford - Quiet Giant
  7. Percolator - Sestra
  8. Ailie Blunnie - West to the Evening Sun
  9. Sea Pinks - Watercourse
  10. Fangclub - Fangclub
  11. Ships - Precession
  12. Laura Mulcahy - Funeral, Home, Lizard...
  13. Joe Chester - The Easter Vigil - Live at the Unitarian Church
  14. Marlene Enright - Placemats & Second Cuts
  15. Cormac O Caoimh - shiny silvery things
  16. Will de Burca - Embedded
  17. Maria Doyle Kennedy - Maria Doyle Kennedy
  18. Malojian - Let Your Weirdness Carry You Home
  19. Eoin Dolan - Ubique
  20. Winter Aid - The Murmer of the Land



Lofty Reviews - Emma Langford 'Quiet Giant' Album Launch


Watching Emma Langford grow and develop as a singer and songwriter has been a privilege for all associated with Dolans, so it was an honour for us to host her album launch with her debut performance in the Warehouse.

Always a lady who promotes fellow musical talent where ever she goes Emma has put together a wonderful bill of fare, with Galway trio The Bluebirds providing a tasty starter to the night’s proceedings. Singing a-cappella (bar a single tune with ukelele) their sublime harmonies & beautiful vocals are a real treat and serve to remind you how mesmerising the human voice can truly be.


Next up is Trevor Sexton from Newcastle West who’s powerful delivery is reminiscent of Declan O’Rourke but with his own unique Limerick twist. As with any man and guitar act what he does between songs is almost as important as the tunes themselves and he holds the crowd’s attention with ease. His musical material is equally strong and played with with a focused passion, particularly ‘Fairytale’ which is greeted with rapturous applause.


Then it is time for the lady of the hour, immediately you can tell this performance is going be a notch above her previous (fine) appearances in Dolans - the band enter first, with Emma following with the air of a veteran performer before launching into the heavenly ‘All You Want’.

For almost eighty minutes we are treated to an artist at the top of her game accompanied by a band who know the importance of the night and rise to the occasion. An early standout is ‘The Seduction of Eve’ with a stunning intro featuring a snapshot from ‘Funny Valentine’ which is dedicated to Emma’s parents.

As you would expect, the entirety of the album is played, along with a few older tracks and a selection from her self-titled EP, each brought to even greater heights in the live arena. Highlights include ‘Bear this Child’ and ‘6 Foot 4’ , whilst her mouth-trumpeting on ‘Goodbye Hawaii’ as ever draws impressed gasps from the audience.

Following the briefest of breaks our songstress returns with the band and The Bluebirds in tow to deliver a glorious version of ‘Tug O’ War’ (a landmark song in the her career), and it’s followed by a passionate & energetic performance of ‘Closed Book’, the latest single from the album. 


The night is brought to a close with a typically humorous song choice by Langford as all the singers from the night, band and audience join her for the fun-filled ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ which leaves everyone with a smile on their faces, on a night that is a wonderful showcase for Irish musical talent.

‘Quiet Giant’ is available via bandcamp and is on sale in all good record stores.

Thanks to Kennedy O'Brien for the use of his photos, check out more images from the gig on the I Love Limerick Facebook page.

Sound from a Green World - Episode 1708


With so much good new Irish music bouncing around our wonderful island it's hard to fit it all in to a 90 minutes show but we do try our best.

On this week's episode we feature more tracks from the Sounds from a Green World Album of the Month which is the wonderful 'A Safe Distance to Watch' by Columbia Mills. We also feature a number of hometown acts who will be playing Dolans in the coming weeks, those being whenyoung and Rusangano Family.

Able Archer pick a peach of track from Lowlight Gathering for their 'Music They Like' choice and we also have the new Able Archer single. All that along with new releases from Ham Sandwich & Paddy both of whom return to Dolans on the run up to Christmas.

So press play now, you won't be disappointed.

Sounds from a Green World sponsored by Dolans is broadcast live on 8radio.com every Saturday from 8am and on Wednesday night from 9pm. Download the 8radio.com app from @AppStore or @GooglePlay and that way you’ll have deadly tunes on tap! You can also listen via Windows phones, games consoles & smart TVs via the @tunein app.

Emma Langford - Quiet Giant


Emma Langford is a Limerick chanteuse who released her debut EP last year and now with ‘Quiet Giant’ she has delivered a highly polished debut album that builds on the promise she showed with that earlier release.

The first thing that grabs you about Langford is her voice which oozes class, it’s steeped in the traditions of some of the classic female singer-songwriters but with a contemporary sensibility and confidence all of her own. And the same could be said about the backing she receives throughout the record with gorgeous strings, stirring piano and measured percussion particularly to the fore on tracks such as the title track ‘Quiet Giant’, the sublime ‘Bear This Child’ and the upbeat ‘6 Foot 4’.

There are four tracks that have featured on previous releases but they have received the full makeover treatment by producers Graham Murphy & Chris O’Brien which brings them to an altogether different level. Here ‘Closed Book’ is bursting with emotional urgency, ‘All You Want’ shines ever brighter and the melancholy of ‘The Seduction of Eve’ is mined even deeper to impressive effect.

Much like Maria Doyle Kennedy’s album which I have also been listening to this week, Langford provides two powerful tracks to close out her album. ’The Belle and Ruin’ is a dramatic narrative exploring love and heartbreak, set to a moody atmospheric soundtrack.

Uniquely enough it is closing track (the previously released) ‘Tug O’ War’ which provides the album highlight for this listener, it is a real triumph and it’s brilliant to see the development of the song from it’s initial inception as a rough spur-of-the-moment bedroom demo on YouTube to what amounts to an outstanding soulful showstopper in this latest incarnation.

With ‘Quiet Giant’ Emma Langford has produced an impressive debut album that pays its dues to her musical influences while imbuing each fine composition with her own modern day take on the world and her place in it.

'Quiet Giant' is released on October 18th and is available for pre-order now via https://emmalangfordmusic.bandcamp.com and we are delighted to welcome back Emma to Dolans on December 2nd when she will play a full band show in the Warehouse, get your tickets now.

Sounds from a Green World - Episode 1707

Welcome back listeners and readers to another exciting episode of Sounds from a Green World, the radio show that is chock full of deadly Irish music. This week's show features the debut track from Dublin super group Autre Monde and we also have new releases from Sea Pinks, Anna Mitchell & Sub Motion.

Our Past Glories album is the final album from The Fatima Mansions 'Lost in the Former West' and our 'Music They Like' choice this week is made by Ian Whitty. There's plenty of local artists featured as Bleeding Heart Pigeons, Parliament Square, Fox Jaw all make an appearance as does Limerick electronic producer Proper Micro NV who we feature as part of our weekly hook up with the Hear One Sessions.

Remember Sounds from a Green World sponsored by Dolans is broadcast live on 8radio.com every Saturday from 8am and on Wednesday night from 9pm. Download the 8radio.com app from @AppStore or @GooglePlay and that way you’ll have deadly tunes on tap! You can listen via Windows phones, games consoles & smart TVs via the @tunein app.

Sounds from a Green World - Episode 1706

The year rattles on and still the new tunes keep coming and we have 90 minutes of the best of them right here for you.

This week we feature new releases from R.S.A.G., Imelda May, Swords and Marc O'Reilly. We have more tracks from our Album of the Month which is the self titled debut from Darling and we also have the brilliant new single from The Hot Sprockets.

Our Past Glories album comes from Ann Scott and we have a superb cover of a Bowie classic by one Lisa Hannigan.

All that and so much more available right now for your listening pleasure, just press play!

Sounds from a Green World sponsored by Dolans is broadcast live on 8radio.com every Saturday from 8am and on Wednesday night from 9pm. Download the 8radio.com app from @AppStore or @GooglePlay and that way you’ll have deadly tunes on tap! You can listen via Windows phones, games consoles & smart TVs via the @tunein app.

Percolator & Casavettes live at the Kasbah Social Club

Having spent a decent amount of time with Percolator’s debut album ‘Sestra’ over the past few weeks (the review of which you can read here) expectations were high heading into Dolans last Saturday.

Also on the bill were local band Casavettes who I finally got to see live and despite being down a member on the night they did not lack impact. Recent double releases ‘Reunion’ & ‘In April’ were both given an airing and worked very well, particularly the former.  But it was the next single on the Casavettes schedule ‘Falling’ that really made my ears pick up and I’ve not doubt I’ll be giving it a few spins on 8radio.com once it’s released.

Main act Percolator are a band that have been in existence for over seven years but have been through a number of line-up changes before settling on the current three members Ian Chestnutt (guitar & vocals), Eleanor Myler (drums & vocals), and John ‘Spud’ Murphy (bass & keys) since 2012. They are a well balanced trio and it was clear to see that the current incarnation works as well in the live arena as they do on record.

The influences on Percolator’s sound are obvious however they use the various ingredients used here-to-fore by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Kraftwork, Holy F**k and Television to delicious effect to produce a sound all of their own.

The danger with bands that produce work that is this sonically dynamic & multifarious is that live the subtly of the recorded mix can be lost in a haze of noise however there was no sign of that in the Kasbah where the band were clearly in rhythmic sync. Their distinct contributions combined to brilliant effect, with Murphy double jobbing and even sometimes triple jobbing alongside the cultured influence of Chestnutt, but it was the drive of Myler from behind her drums that set the tone for proceedings tying things together with almost effortless focus.

Highlights from the set were 'Law & Order’, ’Crab Supernova’ and album closer ‘Binkle’ which sounded every bit as epic as it does on ‘Sestra’. If the amount of nodding heads are a good indication of audience appreciation then Percolator were certainly sent on their way with good vibrations from all in the Kasbah.

Percolator - Sestra

Percolator are a 3 piece band from Dublin featuring Ian Chestnutt (guitar& vocals), Eleanor Myler (drums & vocals), and John ‘Spud’ Murphy (bass). Opening with a wall of sound that My Bloody Valentine would be proud of Percolator kick off their debut album 'Sestra' with a deafening instrumental that is quite the bold move.

Next track up is ‘Squishy Future’ which is a German electro/feedback melange that is completely mesmerising with Myler supplying some ethereal vocals to the mix before the track descends in to an industrial cacophony. 

'Law & Order' is the track that really got me interested in Percolator and has an excellent indie intro that grabs your attention immediately before the distorted vocals of Chestnutt kick in as the band really let loose, clearly enjoying an almost reverential jam.

‘Kim Chi’ is a perfect wurlitzer of a track that drags you one then another, whilst ‘Crab Supernova’ the latest single builds on what’s gone before to tremendous effect.

After all the buzz of the fare so far ‘Yellow Fire’ (one of the oldest tracks on the album) is a welcome change of tone, a perfect piece of shoegazing indie pop goodness followed up by the equally sublime ‘Usen’t We’ - both tracks utilising Meyler's atmospheric vocals perfectly.

The album closes with ‘Binkle’ an almost 12 minute long sonic epic that probably overstays its welcome just a little, but is certainly an ambitious way to bring an end to proceedings.

All in all 'Sestra' is an album that showcases a band that has all the neccessary elements and certainly knows hows to combine them to supreme effect. Percolator may wear their influences on their sleeves but they sure do wear them well.

Percolator play the Kasbah Social Club this Saturday night with support from local band Casavettes.

Sounds from a Green World - Episode 1705

You want some great fresh Irish tunes then you have come to the right place. We have a pile of brand new releases this week kicking off with a banger from Le Galaxie, we also have tunes from recent visitors to Dolans Columbia Mills, J Cowhie, and local stars on the rise whenyoung.

Speaking of local stars we have the first single from The Cranberries in quite a while and we have two tracks from our Album of the Month for April which is the self-titled debut album from Darling.

And if that isn't enough for you we have a couple of tracks from a very esoteric Past Glories album and a beautiful 'Music They Like' choice made by Marlene Enright.

Sounds from a Green World sponsored by Dolans is broadcast live on 8radio.com every Saturday from 8am and on Wednesday night from 9pm. Download the 8radio.com app from @AppStore or @GooglePlay and that way you’ll have deadly tunes on tap! You can listen via Windows phones, games consoles & smart TVs via the @tunein app. 

Sounds from a Green World - Episode 1704

More musical delights for your ears to luxuriate in, this week's episode features loads of artists who are coming to Dolans very shortly, such as Percolator who are about to launch their fab debut album 'Sestra' and will play the Kasbah Social Club on April 15th so if you like a bit of shoegazing & gentle feedback then don't miss that one.

Actually Cork has had some start to year with a rake of quality album, EP & single releases emanating from there including 'Placemats & Second Cuts' our Album of the Month from Marlene Enright who plays the Kasbah on April 7th with support from our own Emma Langford whose beautiful Irish reversion of one of her EP tracks closes the show.

Other visitors from Cork who appear as part of another epic Seoda Shows presentation on April 22nd are Talos ahead of the release of their debut album 'Wild Alee'. I caught them at the Body & Soul stage at Electric Picnic and they are mesmerising live.

Sounds from a Green World sponsored by Dolans is broadcast live on 8radio.com every Saturday from 8am and on Wednesday night from 9pm. Download the 8radio.com app from @AppStore or @GooglePlay and that way you’ll have deadly tunes on tap! You can listen via Windows phones, games consoles & smart TVs via @tunein

Sounds from a Green World - Episode 1703

The latest episode of Sounds from a Green World has no less than four debutantes including the extremely talented Limerick combo Casavettes who you'll be able to catch in action when they support Percolator in the Kasbah Social Club on April 15th, fans of shoegaze do not miss this one !

Another Irish band who are making a return to the Warehouse are Therapy? who bring their Wood & Wire Acoustic Tour to town on April 30th and we have their US only release 'Caustic Psychosis' as our Past Glories album featuring a couple of mind melting early tracks from them.

Speaking of great albums our Album of the Month for March is from Cork's Marlene Enright who brings her intoxicating vocals and smooth tunes to the Upstairs stage on April 7th, and of course we just had to pay tribute to local heroes Rusangano Family after their much deserved Choice Prize Album of the Year Award.

Sounds from a Green World goes out on 8radio.com every Saturday at 8 am and Wednesday nights from 9pm bringing you the very best in new Irish music.

Sounds from a Green World - Episode 1702

The year is already flying along and the new tunes are certainly flying out of the blocks (or where ever they come from) so much so that there isn't room for our Past Glories album this time round.

But what we do have is a number of acts marking their debut on the show this week - Montauk Hotel, For Foresters, Emily Gahan and Sorcha Richardson. There is local interest in the shape of Emma Langford who we feature as part of a new tie up with Hear One where each week we will play you tracks from their wonderful artists on the rise sessions.

We also have two more tracks from our Album of the Month which is 'Full Fat' from Sligo's This Side Up. And if all that's not enough for you we have music from The Divine Comedy, James Vincent McMorrow, Katie Kim, a belter of a remix from Bantum and another track from one of my favourite EPs of 2017 '1/1/17' by Arvo Party.

Sounds from a Green World is available for the readers of the Dolans music blog and if you like great music then download the 8radio.com apps for iOS and Android devices or visit 8radio.com to find out all the ways to listen to the station that plays the "Music We Like" and we think you'll like too.

And the great news is that for every weekend from now till the end of March you can catch 8radio.com on FM in Limerick, Cork, Galway & Dublin to get you radios dialled in !!

Bowie Tribute

There’s always a worry with a sequel, that will it live up to the first time out. But as T2 Trainspotting has recently proved (and if you haven’t seen it yet you really need to have a chat with yourself), when a follow up is done well it’s a wonderfully joyous experience.

Last year Limerick paid its own tribute to David Bowie with one of the best nights of music seen in the town in 2016. Such was the reaction to that night there was a fierce demand for a re-run and thankfully John Steele the man behind the original night answered the call, as did a raft of local bands. As with the original event all proceeds are going to charity with the recipients being the Lette March & Zondra Meaney medical funds.

In a reverse of last year’s iteration it’s The Alvin Purple Experience who kick off the festivities with a set dedicated to the glam rock era of Bowie with ‘Ziggy Stardust’ and a crowd rousing rendition of ‘All the Young Dudes’ ensuring that the bar is set at a very decent height from the off.

Next up it’s Theme Tune Boy, Limerick’s power pop punk outfit led by ex-Hitchers drummer Niall Quinn. It’s an instant sonic assault from them with ‘Little Wonder’ a joy to behold, vocal duties are shared between Quinn, drummer Kieran Hayes and finally lead guitarist Carolyn Bourke as they close their contribution to the night’s proceedings with a blistering version of ‘Andy Warhol’.

After those two stellar performances the pressure is on for Parliament Square but you wouldn’t think it as Brendan Markham and co. strut on to the Dolans Warehouse stage and immediately launch into a fantastically funked up ‘Let’s Dance’ followed by ‘China Girl’ another classic which sees Markham in full-on revelator mode. It’s a short set which leaves you hungry for more from a band that are totally “in the zone”.

But if that was good then what’s in store for the next 40 minutes is just sublime as John Steele and his band Fall Dogs deliver a performance that you just did not want to end. Their selection of songs is much changed from last year and displays the wide range that the Bowie archive offers beginning with a haunting ‘Life on Mars’ which sees Steele accompanied by some beautiful piano work by Ross Brennan. From that it’s highlight after highlight with the angry as fuck ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’, dedicated in opposition to “you know who”; while ‘Lazarus’ and ‘Where Are We Now?’ tracks from Bowie’s latter two albums are treated with due reverence and benefit from Steele’s gravely timbre.

There is also time for guest contributions from Ronan Mitchell and Eamon Hehir, the latter out-revelating Brendan Markham’s earlier efforts on a magically manic ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The set closes with joyous renditions of ‘Heroes’, ‘Under Pressure’ and one of my personal highlights of the night ‘Absolute Beginners’ with Yvonne McCarthy lending her powerful voice on co-vocal duties.

If the night had ended then all in attendance would have gone home very satisfied, as it happens there’s still two more acts to enjoy. Next it’s long haired prog rockers Shardborne who are normally an instrumental outfit but here as with last year they add some vocals, with a searing guitar driven version of ‘Fame’ kicking things off as they are clearly here to enjoy themselves. That sense of fun continues till the conclusion of their set with a perfectly judged ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ being their outstanding moment.

And so it’s down to the last band on the bill The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, who are a perfect choice to close the night given that later this year they will be touring ‘Starman’ their latest Irish music collaboration with Liam O’Maonlai which will showcase the songs of David Bowie “as gaeilge”. But there’s no need for an Irish-English dictionary tonight as they stick to the original versions of ‘Quicksand’ and ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’ but with the added unique BPLO twist and the beautiful harmonies of the Blake siblings. 

Their final song is ‘Space Oddity’ a perfect pitched end to another night that was as much a celebration of the Limerick music scene as it was a celebration and remembrance of one of history’s finest musical icons; it leaves all those in a packed Warehouse with broad smiles on their faces and Bowie’s songs in their hearts. Planet Earth maybe blue but the stars are shining a little brighter in Limerick tonight.

All money raised from The Bowie Tribute 2017 is in aid of the Lette March & Zondra Meaney - medical funds.

Sounds from a Green World - Episode 1701

Back from an extended festive break but have no fear Sounds from a Green World will be with you every week in 2017 bringing you the very best new Irish music and a few golden nuggets from the past too.

On this week's show we have music from recent visitors to Dolans the hugely energetic Otherkin who rocked the Kasbah Social Club and the sublime Wallis Bird who wowed the crowd in the Warehouse on a very busy Saturday night.

We have tracks from our Album of the Month - 'Full Fat' from Sligo's This Side Up and keeping things in the north-west our Past Glories album is the classic 'Magical Ring' from Clannad.

We've the new single from Marlene Enright who plays the Kasbah Social Club on April 7th, add in fresh new music from Melty Brains?, Jonny Rep, The Burma, Sorcha Richardson and much more and you have all the incentive you need to press play.

Sounds from a Green World is available for the readers of the Dolans music blog and if you like great music then download the 8radio.com apps for iOS and Android devices or visit 8radio.com to find out all the ways to listen to the station that plays the "Music We Like" and we think you'll like too.



Sounds from a Green World Top 20 Irish Albums 2016

2016 has been a bountiful year for Irish music particularly when it comes to album releases with over 200 albums released in this island this year. So trying to narrow down such quality output to the best 20 albums has been a tough task but we've managed to do our best with many of the bands and artists featured having visited Dolans over the past 12 months. 

Its also fair to say that 2016 has been a great year for Limerick music too and it's fantastic to have three albums from Limerick acts in the Top 20 - 'Be Honest and Fear Not' from windings, 'Let the Dead Bury the Dead' by Rusangano Family and our favourite Irish album of the year, the fantastic debut album from Bleeding Heart Pigeons 'Is'.

You can listen to tracks from the Top 20 below but this is our list of the best Irish albums of 2016 - 

  • In Heat Not Sorry - The Altered Hours
  • Madness is the Mercy - August Wells
  • The Tilt of the Earth - Barry McCormack
  • New Forest - Cathy Davey
  • The First Kiss of Love - Cronin
  • Scan the Blue - exmagician
  • Songs for the Walking Wounded - The Frank & Walters
  • We Move - James Vincent McMorrow
  • Salt - Katie Kim
  • King Kong Company - King Kong Company
  • At Swim - Lisa Hannigan
  • I Own You - Mick Flannery
  • Her Kind - Morning Veils
  • Learning to Growl - Overhead, the Albatross
  • Let the Dead Bury Dead - Rusangano Family
  • Soft Days - Sea Pinks
  • Age of Indignation - September Girls
  • Tidal Waves - Swords
  • Be Honest and Fear Not - windings
  • Is - Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Primal Scream - Live at the Big Top

The conversion of Limerick’s Milk Market to an outdoor venue fit for acts that draw bigger crowds than can be accommodated elsewhere in the city has been a massive success, and the latest visitors to this unique concert location are legends of the indie music scene Primal Scream.

Led by their enigmatic front man Bobby Gillespie there is no holding back as right from the off they immediately launch into ‘Movin’ on Up’ which is the perfect way to warm up those that have braved the chilly November evening.

The set is nice mix of hits, hardcore fan favourites and of course a number of tunes from their recent album release ‘Chaosmosis’ which is being promoted with this tour.

Throughout Gillespie is a compelling presence as the rest of the band do what they do well almost in the background (it’s a long time since Gillespie has had to share front of stage with the mugging Mani). The Scottish frontman has a well earned reputation as a temperamental figure (maybe less so in recent years) and here there is always an undercurrent suggesting that he is expecting more from the assembled throng.

Interestingly for me it was some of the newer material that seemed more exciting on the night with ‘(Feeling Like A) Demon Again’, ‘100% or Nothing’ and ‘Trippin’ on Your Love’ that sees the band in full on attack mode, which is carried on with the menacing monster that is ‘Swastika Eyes’ from their underrated ‘XTRMNTR’ album.

Of course for most of the crowd it’s the better known tunes that get them moving with ‘Country Girl’, ‘Rocks’ and ‘Loaded’ providing those familiar feel good moments. And whilst the canned backing singing for those songs does take one slightly out of the moment at times it doesn’t take away from those classic indie hits.

The highlight of the evening is the glorious moment of celebration that is ‘Come Together’ that sees the Big Top audience and headline act in choral unison which warms the hearts before we head off in search of something to warm our fingers and toes.

Photo Credit - Munster Business Media Services