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Stone Malice, Dead Horse Jive, GAIA

  • Kasbah Social Club 5 Dock Road Limerick IRELAND
Stone Malice, Dead Horse Jive, GAIA april 27th Kasbah Social Club Limerick

Kasbah Club Presents Stone Malice, Dead Horse Jive, GAIA

GAIA - Three piece instrumental rock/metal band from Limerick. Consisting of guitar, bass, and drums, with a focus on hypnotic, rhythmic riffs, with a keen interest in the sludge, stoner and psychedelic sounds. Influences include Kyuss, Sleep, Om, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath and Weedeater.


Dead Horse Jive - Raised on a diet of Blues, Punk and good old Rock N' Roll. Brought together by mutual love of alcohol and the craic. DHJ write tales about times they can hardly remember and others they'd love to forget. This isn't a band that wants you to stay seated while they play, this is a band that wants you to join them on their neverending quest to have a good time!


Stone Malice - Stone Malice are a four piece hard rock/ grunge band based in Galway, Ireland, drawing inspiration from the riff heavy 70's of Deep Purple/ Black Sabbath and zeppelin and the shoe-gazing 90's of Alice and chains and stone temple pilots, the band have tapped into this collective mess of influences to produce their own hard driven sound.