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  • Upstairs in Dolans 3-4 Dock Road Limerick Ireland
Tickets €12

Tickets €12

Dave Binney – saxophones

Chris Guilfoyle - guitar
Ronan Guilfoyle – bass
Tom Rainey – drums

Challenging and absorbing music from a maturing master
Irish Times

Ronan Guilfoyle's 'Hands' represents both the best in contemporary jazz and its international nature. The group is comprised of two of New York's finest musicians, and two Irish musicians – one who has forged an international career over the last 30 years, and an up-and-coming young musician now making a name for himself.

Dave Binney is one of contemporary jazz's finest saxophonists - always in demand, recording extensively, and extending the role of the soloist in contemporary jazz. Tom Rainey is one of most highly regarded drummers in modern music, and has a reputation for his combination of technical brilliance and creative flair, always placed at the service of the music.

Ronan Guilfoyle is one of the major figures in the Irish jazz scene, with an international reputation as both a bassist and composer. Chris Guilfoyle is rapidly making a name for himself as a virtuoso guitarist, as well as a bandleader of note.

'Hands', as the music on the CD of the same name shows, reveals Ronan's long time interest in combining composed music with freewheeling improvisation. As you would expect from someone so involved in the world of rhythm, the music is both groovy and filled with rhythmic surprises. Dave Binney and Chris Guilfoyle interweave lines, deft counterpoint, and improvisational power, all played over the kind of rhythmic forward motion and legerdemain that is the result of Ronan and Tom's twenty year association.

Music of power, passion, intrigue and creativity – 'Hands' is state of the art jazz music for our times

Balances power and lyricism with celebratory flare.

It's music akin to good poetry. Distilled meaning, alluring at a first sight, but whose pleasures and insights reveal themselves more fully with repeated visits

Worth spending some quality time with.
Stephen Graham, marlbank.net