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Limerick Fringe - April 1st- Upstairs@Dolans

  • Upstairs At Dolans 3-4 Dock Road Limerick, County Limerick Ireland

Battle of the Poets

by Limerick Fringe


You’ve heard of rap battles. But have you seen a poetry battle? This isn’t a poetry slam, a ‘battle of the bands’ type contest – the poets won’t be judged against each other. It is a battle of ideas; a poetic debate. Prominent spoken word artists, divided into two teams, will present their arguments poetically, and the audience must decide which side is most persuasive. Expect humour, verbal mud-slinging, and new ideas to think about. No prizes for winning, but the losers must eat their words.

Andrew sILVERWOD IS A SELF ABSORBED TWAT- Limerick Fringe 2017

Andrew Silverwood is “a Self Absorbed Tw*t”



Back in the Northern Hemisphere after a run down under and double award nominations at Gothenburg Fringe last August, including “Most Provocative Performance.” A show about the things that the media, my ex and my friends agree on. Can a leopard change his spots?

“Just another self-absorbed twat. Still, Silverwood is very charming” – Great Scott Media

“‘Warmly witty and sharply barbed. An impressively unflappable performer” – Adelaide Theatre Guide

Winner of the Expect the Unexpected Award at Stockholm Fringe 2014.

nerdfucker: a solo play with bad boundaries- Limerick fringe 2017

Nerdfucker: a solo play with bad boundaries

Cameryn Moore


The spectators are early, her lover is late, and the players are due any minute. Not the best time to question what the hell she’s doing here, waiting to get naked in front of a room full of strangers, but with 60 minutes before the game starts, it’s all the time she has left.

★★★★ ” absolute painful authenticity and honesty … (a) tense, breathtaking little show.” (Edmonton Journal)

★★★★ (Vue Weekly) ★★★★ (Edmonton Sun) ★★★★ (gigcity.ca)

“beautifully and insightfully written, precisely directed and exquisitely, unflinchingly acted.” (Calgary Herald)