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Limerick Fringe- March 31st - Dolans Warehouse

  • Dolans Warehouse 3-4 Dock Road Limerick, County Limerick Ireland

Two can do…


by Limerick Fringe

What if you had support whenever you moved? If we were told we could do anything because we had the means, what would we try to do? We get by with a little help from our friends. What could we do with a lot of help?

In this piece, two dancers work to support – physically – each other’s movement ventures to create a dynamic, rhythmical and physical duet. The work uses principles of contemporary dance to explore the idea of support, trust and vulnerability in the arts. The question is… how much further can you go with support?

Mark Carberry- Limerick Fringe 2017

‘unplugged, intimate, or plain crazy’


Angie Smalis & Mark Carberry

    Between 12.30 and 5.30 pm, Angie and Mark inhabit Dolans Warehouse and create a happening that exists spontaneously. Everything builds up towards a durational live performance at 8pm where the audience is encouraged to witness music and dance that exist in response to each other in shared sweat.

    Created and performed by: Angie Smalis and Mark Carberry.

    Soundscape by: Rokaia Jedir in collaboration with John Greenwood


    Friday 31st March, Dolans Warehouse, 12.30pm – 5.30pm – non ticketed

    Friday 31st March, Dolans Warehouse, Public Sharing 8pm

    IN LiMBO


    Kristyn Fontanella Dance

    IN LiMBO explores traditional dance in a contemporary context and asks “What is Irish dance… and the space between?” Kristyn Fontanella has developed a sense of being “in-between” perceived norms and has spent the last year researching movement that is influenced by both. She is using her training in other dance forms to investigate how to move in an honest way, that still has a quality of the tradition in the movement. Fontanella is seeking to break down the dance form to its essential elements and discover how this makes the dancer move in relation to the music; a simplified movement of traditional Irish dance.

    ‘unplugged, intimate, or plain crazy’


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